Ear Care

Here at PharmaDerma ear and hearing care is now instantly accessible to you.

Using the Tympa Platform we have the ability to perform examinations, wax removal and a hearing assessment.  Our Ear Wax Removal service is especially popular in Okehampton and over a thousand people have had safe and successful Ear Wax Removal this year.

Highly Qualified Pharmacist Prescribers.

Our Pharmacist Prescribers are highly qualified and have a special interest in ears and ear health and can diagnose, prescribe and treat in a single appointment.  Ear wax removal and puss removal can be completed safely to ensure maximum effectiveness of prescribed treatments. Same day appointments are usually available as well as a walk in service.

If you know you have a problem with wax and would like ear wax removal, come to PharmaDerma Devon’s number one Ear Wax Removal Clinic for safe and effective removal.  Please soften your wax with olive oil spray at least three days before your appointment. Olive oil spray available to purchase in store.  To book ear wax removal use the button below.

If you are in discomfort and would like one of our practitioners to check your ears with our HD camera and video then click hear to book your ear check. Please note, any treatment required as a result of our diagnoses will be charged for separately.  To book your ear health examination use the button below.

HD Digital Otoscopy

The Tympa Platform allows us to capture high-definition images and videos of the ears, to give a clear visual diagnosis.

Microsuction Wax Removal

The Tympa Platform enables us to deliver microsuction wax removal using its suction tank – delivering a quick, safe, and painless treatment as it gently suctions wax from the ear.

Hearing Assessment

The Tympa Platform utilises a 4-frequency hearing assessment, with headphones tested at 500Hz, 1,000Hz, 2,000Hz, and 4,000Hz.

Remote Review

At PharmaDerma Tympa’s unique “Remote Review” feature means we can securely send high-resolution images and videos to our team of Audiologists and ENT specialists for support, advice and guidance, when required.


  • Support from Tympa’s team of Audiologists & ENT specialists
  • Quick, easy and secure data sharing
  • Clinical recommendations and referrals for additional care

PharmaDerma Reviews

Leave us a review on Google if you’ve had a good experience or any feedback for us so we can continue to improve our care!

Joanne Teixeira
Joanne Teixeira
Very helpful and attentive service from Sonya and Rob. Thank you.
Thomas Haysom
Thomas Haysom
Super exciting to see this place opening. Met the owner and he talked me through plans about aesthetic clinic! Great to have somewhere local for my wife to get her Botox!!
Hi PharmaDerma are new to our town and I found them very friendly and very helpful in all aspects of my visit to them today , big thank you , a breath of fresh air 😊
Will Dewing
Will Dewing
Fantastic speed abd service with a smile these guys, plus actually helpful advice. Leagues ahead of Boots down the road.

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